Online vs Traditional Homework: What are the benefits?

With the first full school year of Covid-19 learning behind us, there are some changes we may be taking with us into the post-Covid-19 world, and online homework may be one of them.

What are the benefits of online homework?

The use of setting homework tasks using online platforms is a growing practice at all levels of education. It’s beneficial for teachers too, as Teacher toolkit reported that “online systems allow teachers to substantially reduce the time spent grading the homework assignments of all students.” Online homework gives students get the balance between in-person learning and online work as well as many other benefits including:

– More efficient as less chance of work being misplaced

– Flexible and accessible

– More environmentally friendly

– Easy to set deadlines and submit from anywhere online

– Homework tasks can be prepared in advanced

– Increased in computer skills

Which works best for me?

As a teacher, this is the question you need to ask. Each situation is different and online homework won’t be appropriate every time. Teachers must evaluate each class type by age, ability, and level to assess if online homework will be the most beneficial.

There are many ways in which schools are innovating to integrate online homework into their school work. You could try a mix of online and traditional homework throughout the year or choose subjects that have the best online tools. Online software such as Firefly makes it easy for teachers to monitor and manage homework tasks and choose the available resources.

Think about access 

With each generation, we are seeing a heavier reliance on technology. However, it’s important to remember that 9% of children in the UK do not have access to the internet at home. Some of those that do will not have easy access to devices. Think about the alternatives you can provide. Trying to identify which students may struggle can be difficult, but this must be a priority to ensure no one is excluded.


As with all school work, feedback is important. It keeps students engaged and allows them to identify areas to improve. Online homework doesn’t have to mean online feedback.

Providing in-person or group feedback on their online homework can help to keep students engaged and connected with their school work and classmates. The timing of the feedback is also important. Ensure the feedback is given quickly so everything remains relevant and fresh.

How do you manage homework? Do you prefer the traditional format, or have you moved everything online?

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